Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the product.

Acai berries are indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. The way it looks speaks of its appeal. The slender palm can grow as high as 50 to 100 feet and bears deep, purple berries loaded with nutritional benefits already known to locals for centuries.

Fused with the mystique of its exotic Amazonian heritage, it’s no surprise why Acai has grown so much in popularity. Each fruit packs high levels of iron, calcium, carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants that can lend itself to numerous health benefits–from lowering the risk of heart disease, to fighting cancer, down to keeping your skin’s youthful glow.

Organique™ Açaí Premium Blend is the most concentrated Açaí Berry drink found in the market today. We use both the pulp and the skin of these wonder berries and make sure that every 30ml serving of our Premium Blend contains more than 14,000 ml of Acai. That’s the most potent Acai health drink that you could possibly get in the market today.

To enhance the distinct flavor of the Acai, we combine it with complementary flavors that help naturally enhance its taste and live up to its reputation as the World’s Number One Superfood. We use natural juice extracts from organic evaporated cane juice, apple juice concentrate, acerola juice and green tea extract to create a smooth, all-natural drink.

We recommend drinking two 30mL servings per day of the Premium Blend. Take 2-3 Freeze-Dried capsules daily.

It’s best to consume 30 minutes before breakfast and before sleeping.

Yes, you can achieve one dose of Premium Blend by taking 2 capsules of Açaí Freeze-Dried Capsules.

Yes, you can actually do a lot of recipes like mocktails and smoothies. Check out our section for recipes!

No, the heat destroys a large percentage of the berry’s nutrients, which are sensitive to high temperatures.

Definitely- we recommend the Açaí Premium Blend to get their daily dose of antioxidants.

Yes- but always speak to a trusted physician before you do.

Yes, the sugar content is very low but we would still recommend taking these along with a meal including adequate amounts of protein and fat if you are diabetic. This will slow any release of glucose.

Due to high contents of antioxidants, fibres, vitamins and minerals in açaí berries, their primary role is to boost metabolic rate which encourages and speeds up the process of burning fats.

There are studies that show açaí berry, the main ingredients in our products, may help destroy cancer cells.

Organique products are organic food supplements which are safe to consume. However, if you are allergic to fruits such as blueberries or cranberries, exercise caution before consuming.

Because the Organique Premium Blend does not contain any preservatives, please store the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. You can store unopened bottles in a cool, dry place.

Organique Acai Berry is made by Organique International, Inc. We’re a USDA-approved health supplement that’s processed, bottled, and founded in the United States. We have a massive market in the US, which allowed us to eventually expand to various countries all over the world, including the Philippines, following our vision of introducing the immense benefits of Acai.

We use a proprietary aseptic technologies and flavor system, backed by the experience and training of expert Research and Development chemists and biologists. We continuously develop products that use the freshest ingredients and latest processing innovations that allow us to maintain our position as the leader in development of nutraceutical and functional products.

Organique Açaí is not a drug. Organique Açaí is registered as a Food Supplement by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.